US 30 US 250 OH 3 OH 83 interchange Wooster, Ohio



This interchange is at the eastern end of the US 30 freeway in Wooster Ohio. It intersects the OH 83 freeway and ends. But US 30 exits at the exit before the freeway ends. So the stub end after that is just OH 3 but its also labeled future US 30 on the interchange diagram. It will be interesting to see what they do with the interchange when the US 30 freeway is extended eastward. I'd suspect it will become some sort of cloverleaf. But that will necessitate ramps being removed so others can be added. But what is also interesting about this interchange other that its shape is the behavior of the two roadways of the US 30 freeway. The westbound lanes go over the two roads it crosses and the eastbound lanes go under the two roads it crosses in the interchange. I can't figure out why. Also its always intruguing when you see ghost ramps or roads.

Another issue this brings up is the routing of US 250 through this area. As you can see from the diagram US 250 is supposed to go through this interchange. But according to mapquest, it does not.